Everybody is aware that drinking coconut water is healthy and nutritious since it has so many health benefits. Coconut water is a natural product got from tender coconut, and recommended by doctors for pregnant mothers, old peoples and people recovering from sickness. But everything if not handle with care or consumed in an improper manner would lead you to some other ill effects.

This water is present inside the tender coconut, so you need to drink it immediately after opening the shell of the coconut or you might need to refrigerate it and drink within 24 hours. Since the water from coconut when exposed to bacteria will break down quickly and it will not be fit to drink. There are few who are allergic to nuts, for such people even little expose to small amount of nuts will cause severe breathing problem like asthma. For those people they might also be allergic to the water from coconut. But it’s rare for people to be allergic to this water. The Meat and Food Hygiene Section of the Mayor and City Council of Guyana , in Georgetown after inspection  issued a public health warning to people saying  not to consume the water from coconut in recycled bottles, it states "process involved in pouring coconut water into bottles was very unhygienic." Research in Imo State University in Nigeria found that consuming the water from coconut after having the drug acetaminophen (Tylenol) in overdosed level it will not protect the liver and increases the toxic effects.

To conclude water from coconut is the purest form after water and is very safe and healthy when used as it is, rather than imposing artificial items on it. Other than the above mentioned effect there are not much side effects when consuming the water from coconut, and it only boost your health and immunity.